Marya Kazoun

With her art, Marya Kazoun gives life to works that vibrate with womanliness. The artist weaves and mends with thread, pearls and stones; she mixes humble and semi-precious materials to give life to her interior world, inhabited by horrifying and shocking figures that however,  contain a singular beauty, like her surroundings and the “landscapes of the soul”, disquieting, yet at the same time fascinating places.
The artist immerses herself in her work, often becoming an integral part of it, dressed in turn by the image of what surrounds her.
Her interior and her imaginary spaces mirror the destruction and suffering that are encountered in the outside world but also the atavistic fears hidden in each individual. With a great act of generosity and love, Kazoun takes this burden upon herself and attempts with her art to fix a lacerated humanity and ego.


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